PRSA Gives 7 Tips For Your Resume

PRSA’s Caittrin O’Sullivan, public relations coordinator for iCIMS lists out 7 tips for your resume.

  • Use key words often and at the top of your resume. This will help HR look exactly for the candidate that possess such characteristics. 
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. This is very important for students who want to make their resume stand out. O’Sullivan writes, “Don’t use graphics, logos or pictures. Also, don’t try to get fancy with text boxes, headers or footers.”
  • If you are attaching a resume use Word as your format. 
  • Always put your e-mail addresses. 
  • Be careful and read the directions. Make sure there are NO typos in your resume. 
  • Cover letters are always up in the air. If you are wondering what they are looking for in a cover letter whether it be very formal, very specific or right to the point just ask! 

It is always important whether you are  a student or professional to continue updating your resume as you go. One mistake I have made is not updating my resume WHILE I am either interning, working etc. I then try to “fix it up” after I have finished and forget some of the valuable things I accomplished. For my next endeavor I am definitely going to keep a notebook at hand and throughout continue writing things that I should be placing on my resume.


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